Rare Find

26th June 2014

Le Frie in La Rue des Juliennes, St Pierre du Bois is one of those properties many buyers dream of finding. Undoubtedly one of Guernsey’s finest country houses, Le Frie is a traditional farmhouse dating back to the 15th century, with 18th century additions including a dressed granite facade retaining the original stone arched front doorway.

The attached and adjacent barns are emblematic of the style and status of the property, that also provides 12 acres of gardens and land. It is the setting and location, however, that characterises the property so distinctly – accessed over a long private drive and virtually hidden among the honeycomb of lanes in the sought after south-western parishes of the island.

Le Frie is available for £1.7m on the Local Market and details of this absolute delight can be seen at www.cooperbrouard.com/TRP-287-(total-861)/Le-Frie-property/2691428