Strong Finish to 2015 for House Prices

3rd February 2016

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Confidence is growing in Guernsey’s housing markets, with over 70 house sales recorded in December 2015.

Let's look back on 2015 and how the Guernsey housing market shifted and changed over this year.

2015 in Review

The average Local Market property price had fallen to £423,634 by the end of 2015, marking an annual percentage change of -8.2%.

The median Open Market price (though only accounting for 8 properties sold in Q4 2015) was £892,500, a striking decrease compared to the Q4 2014 Open Market average of £1,045,000 on 11 properties.

2015 has also a strong year for property development, with a net worth of 144 new properties developed through the year, 128 of which were new builds.

However, of the 144 developed properties only 16% were classed as affordable, though 21.5% were supported units.

To find out more, read the States of Guernsey Quarter 4 2015 Residential Property Prices Bulletin and the 2015 Housing Stock Bulletin.