Average Local Market House Price Stands at £423,634

10th February 2016

The headline figures of the States calculated average local market price between September and December 2015 show a 5.1% drop on the previous quarter and a 8.3% drop on the same quarter of 2014.

The number of sales, however, remained virtually the same, suggesting a steady market driven by lowering prices.

What the headline figures don’t show is the 22.5% increase in the number of house sales in the second half of 2015, compared with the first six months. Neither do the headline figures fully explain how the figures are “weighted” and the market “mix adjusted” into seven categories.

Massaging figures like this may work on a nationwide scale, but is unlikely to faithfully represent Guernsey’s ratio of house sales.

50 households moving every month is a true representation of the island’s Housing Market and demonstrates a healthy level of activity.

Read the States of Guernsey's house price statistics here.