Locate Guernsey Launched: Encouraging Businesses and Individuals to the Island

24th February 2016

Locate Guernsey logo

Relocating high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs looking to open businesses in Guernsey are the focus of Locate Guernsey, a States of Guernsey initiative launched at the beginning of 2016.

Cooper Brouard helped in advising the Commerce and Employment Dept from the beginning, and looks forward to playing an intrinsic part in its future.

Richard Le Tocq is the newly appointed head of a team of experienced professionals at Locate Guernsey, on hand to guide and assist newcomers in a one-stop-shop. Richard’s recognition as chairman of the Guernsey IOD (Institute of Directors) and vast experience in the financial services sector is invaluable to the role.

Locate Guernsey is an exciting enterprise, with Cooper Brouard very much on board to offer expertise and property solutions.