Locate Guernsey Scheme Quickly Sparks Relocation and Job Creation Success

21st July 2016

Locate Guernsey

Locate Guernsey is a recently launched States of Guernsey initiative, supported by Cooper Brouard.

The scheme focuses on assisting high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs to open businesses and/or take-up residence in Guernsey.

So far a total of 14 of the 80 enquiries made during the first half of 2016 have converted into people and businesses moving to Guernsey, with strong possibilities of local jobs being created as a result.

The project handled 80 inquiries during that period and, of those converted, it estimated an annual income to the States in tax and document duty on property purchases of nearly £200,000.

Two high net-worth individuals have moved to the island, two businesses have relocated, and a further 10 people have come to Guernsey and brought their business interests with them.

Locate Guernsey believes that local jobs will be created as a result.

Richard Le Tocq, who took on the role as head of Locate Guernsey at the beginning of the year, said that the first six months in post had been ‘encouraging’ and the agency was on course to meet annual targets.

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