Are you Sub-Letting to Asian Hornets?

13th August 2018

Charlie at Cooper Brouard was surprised to hear that her husband Karl had identified a peculiar and alien construction in their shed at home. Taking care not to disturb the structure he took a photograph and sent it to asianhornet@gov.ggwho confirmed that it was the work of an Asian Hornet, a queen, building a new nest before laying eggs.


The asian hornet is an aggressive predator of many types of insect but on average 30% of its diet is made up of honeybees. The asian hornet is therefore a major threat to our biodiversity, pollinator insects, and beekeeping activities.

The first known sighting of an asian hornet (vespa velutina) in Guernsey was in March 2017. Asian hornets have spread through Europe after arriving in Southern France in a consignment of pottery in 2004.

Anyone who thinks they have seen an asian hornet is asked to photograph the insect if possible, note the location and watch it long enough to determine the direction of travel as this may be helpful in locating a nest and report it to Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services (ACLMS):

The advice is easy; TRACK DON’T TRAMPLE