Radon gas survey results

27th September 2012

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and a recent survey was conducted to check radon levels in Channel Island properties. Properties were selected to cover different geological conditions and population areas.

To paraphrase Val Cameron, the Channel Islands Strategic Lead for Environmental Health, “The recent survey updates and confirms the information from previous surveys that radon is associated with the granite geology of the island, and not the construction material of an individual building. The report also provides further information on why radon exposure poses a very low risk to the health of Channel Islanders.”

Mrs Cameron also said: “Radon can get trapped in sub floor spaces or cellars so good ventilation can help prevent an impact on health. The householder needs to be aware of the measures and take simple steps such as ensuring good ventilation.”

Anyone still wishing to have a radon assessment can access this via HSSD’s Health Protection Team (Tel: 445808) at the reduced negotiated rate of £36 per survey.