Is Your House Making the Right First Impression?

26th November 2018

With only seven seconds for a purchaser to form a first impression we look at the most important area to give a little TLC to before putting your house on the market.

There’s no surprise that the front door, entrance hall and stairway are where the first impression is formed. Homeowners themselves don’t spend too much of their time in the hallway, so it’s often forgotten, but it’s arguably one of the most important parts of your home when you are trying to sell.

The front door is the starting place of any viewing, check the lock is well oiled, the key works easily and the door can be secured with no chips or cracks in glazed panes or uPVC. As the door opens into the house you are inviting a prospective purchaser to make this house their home so try and look at the space as if it’s for the first time or ask a friends opinion.

Laying a new tiled floor will dramatically change the look and feel also adding typical hallway furniture will make the space inviting.

One of the busiest rooms in a house it is important to keep the space functional, warm and inviting. Repainting using soft neutral shades and good lighting create an ambience, perhaps a feature pendant shade, particularly if you have a staircase which draws the eye upwards. A new stair runner will instantly revitalise a tired staircase Adding a photo gallery up the stairs or along the hall adds personality and creates a homely feel.

It might be a minor space to you but you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.