“Open Market open for business” – Chief Minister

4th June 2013

During a public presentation of the Population Policy Review at Beau Sejour on 3rd June 2013, the Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Harwood, stated the clear message in his opening address that the Open Market is here to stay, largely in its current form. The principal exception will be multi-occupancies by future new residents.

Cooper Brouard's Open Market Director Ross Le Marquand welcomed Deputy Harwood's re assurance and said there is renewed confidence in the Open Market and this has been reflected in sales by the Open Market Team, which have seen a significant increase in the last six months.

Deputy Harwood went on to say that It will be necessary in future to issue Open Market Residence Permits to all Open Market residents and whilst there will be no change to the status of adults, their offspring will be granted Permanent Resident status after 14 years, enabling them to occupy local market premises and be able to leave and return to Guernsey at will.

The devil is in the detail, according to the Chief Officer of the Housing Department, and debate will continue during the transitional process on the 45 proposals that mainly concern local market housing and employment licences, but the key message from the Chief Minister is that the Open Market is open for business.