Guernsey’s Population Management Reform

4th July 2013

The States has approved proposals for a new method of managing Guernsey’s population, which directly affects housing in the island.

The new regime is based on employment and residency permits with more control than the current housing laws.

45 proposals faced 20 amendments during the 3 day debate, with critics claiming that birth right is being sacrificed to appease European Human Rights regulations and that tenants and first time buyers will be prejudiced by abolishing occupancy restrictions on new permit holders.

Cooper Brouardfounding Director, Ross Le Marquand, says the validation of the Open Market endorsed its vital status, tempered only with anticipated controls on multi-occupancy.

The existing Housing Control Regulations remain in force while the reforms are drafted into law, but Chief Minister Peter Harwood has pledged the new regime will be operational before mid 2016.