A Close Shave for Sarah Groves Charity

25th November 2013

Cooper Brouard’s auctioneer and sales negotiator, Julian Coles, has had his characteristic hair cut away in a dramatic fundraiser for The Sarah Groves Foundation. 

A large crowd gathered outside Boots in town’s High Street to watch Julian’s father, Chris, make the first cut with a pair of shears under the direction of hairdresser, Katie Neville, while Dana Coles was more careful in styling her son’s luxuriant hair.

Julian made the sacrifice in honour of the memory of a close family friend, Sarah Groves, who died so tragically in April this year. He will also climb Mount Kilimanjaro next August to raise awareness and further funds for The Sarah Groves Foundation.

Sarah's inspirations in life came from children, art, fitness and adventure and The Sarah Groves Foundation has been established to provide facilities, experiences and opportunities to young people that would otherwise be out of their reach. Julian has so far raised a staggering £3,500 for The Sarah Groves Foundation, which has full Trust status and is administered by the Guernsey Community Foundation